Saturday, April 25, 2009

First post :)

Emma came to us on a freezing night in early March 2009. Around 9:30 pm our neighbor called and said, "There is something in your yard." The "something" was a 5-6 month old female pitbull puppy. She was wearing a pink faux snake skin collar, smelled like shampoo, nails were short and she was a healthy weight. So obviously this little girl got away from home and somebody is freaking out or will be soon right?

OK let's walk around maybe she will head toward home or we will hear someone calling for her...

Nope...she wants to go back to our house...Now!


OK well it's too cold for her to stay outside any longer and she is coughing so in the house she goes.
We two legged types went out every couple of minutes to listen and watched out the windows while the puppy ran around saying Hiiii :) to the old dog Travis and the 21 year old ruler of the house Maggie. Yes, Maggie is a cat, a whopping 7 lbs (1 lb below her normal weight over 20 years) and the undisputed ruler of the house according to her :)

The two old timers were not impressed..."MOM!!! What is She doing here!"

The puppy was still coughing...why is she coughing? I had heard kennel cough before but this was different.

We found out minutes later when she vommited up an enormous pile of undigested dog food, more than she would be fed in a day let alone one feeding...the thought kind of creeps up and hits you in the head..."They dumped her, Oh No they dumped her!"

That's why she did not want to leave the yard, which I thought was odd for a puppy that wandered away from home. Thank goodness the neighbor is a smoker and smokes outside on his porch! It was freezing and what if she did wander off and been hit by a car or picked up by someone evil?

Poor little thing, she doesn't know us or why she is here... be continued

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