Friday, May 22, 2009

Emma's arrival continued...

Now she feels sooo much better :) Yuk...

So we have to figure out what we are going to do, we have an abandoned Pit Bull puppy (5 months maybe) in the house....NOW what??

First drag out an ex-pen, thankfully it's not too buried. We used to show our dogs so we had enough equipment to get by quite nicely until we found the perfect home for this little thing. She's not stayin'.
I said it again 'cause Mark was sitting in his chair with the puppy sleeping on his chest saying "Oh she's cute!" I am on very dangerous ground here because I have a soft spot for all critters...he usually didn't. The economy isn't great in Michigan (I know that's an understatement) so the prospects for the best home are not good at all "She's not stayin'!" I said again.

Mark: "Look at her! she is sooo cute."

Me: "I can see that...she's not stayin' "

Mark: "She's little and she has short hair..."

Me: "MmHmm and you wrecked your knee, have been out of work because of it and we are watching our money...puppies need vets. She's not stayin'."

Mark: "Awww look she is sleepin' right through me playin' with her toes."

Me: "She's not stayin'." be continued....

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